How to Use

Understanding how Light Therapy reacts with the body, and why your ailment/injury exists, is the key to getting the best results.

Many conditions stem from inflammation. That inflammation can cause nerve damage, slipped or bust discs, or joint pain. Once that inflammation has been reduced, the pressure on nerves, and discs can be released. These too may now need healing in order to remain pain free. 

Many chronic conditions will have significant pain reduction within a few days, however a condition that required many years to develop, can not fully heal within such a short time frame. It is strongly recommended in these cases, that the WellBeam continue to be used long after pain relief has been achieved.

Cellular reaction:

Research has shown Mitochondria cells to absorb energy, resulting in an accelerated rate of healing, however these cells absorb and use energy, not store it. Over the past 6 years, we have found conducting spaced, frequent daily treatments, provides faster recovery and pain reduction rates than fewer treatments.

Clinical trials cannot request patients return repeatedly throughout the day for treatments, and is therefore limited as to what outcomes can be achieved. Regardless, the research is proving significant therapeutic benefits to the majority of conditions. 

To use:

  • If all accessories have been bought:

Select which power supply is necessary, dependant on activities to be engaged in.

Mains power (AC Adaptor);   Car Adaptor (1.8m lead);  Battery power (requires a 9volt smoke alarm battery)

Connect power source to chosen Controller and Patch. Place directly against bare clean skin, under clothing, or if on an area such as the neck, rest against the device (image below) on a pillow. Use Controller instructions to select desired pulse rate, and timer if available.


To use on other areas: 


The Custom Controller has been designed to embrace medically tested pulse rates, referred to as Dr Nogier Frequencies. In addition to having timers to auto-turn off the Patch, in-case of dozing off. Mode A, C and E are contained within the Custom Controller, in addition to 50Hz for those who wish to see a pulsing light.

Timers: 20minutes, 25 minutes and 40 minutes.