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Accessories available:  

With the full accessory range, the WellBeam Patch can be used almost anywhere, anytime.
NB: please go to 'How to Use' page for further details on International Orders
  • Use with mains power or a 9volt battery clip

    WellBeam Patch Red Beauty Treatment device

    Ideal for the treatment of skin conditions, fine lines and wrinkles. At skin level, scar tissue is reduced, circulation improves, while the production of elastin and collagen is increased. The WellBeam Patch Red Beauty  device embraces 660nm...

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  • WellBeam Patch Pain Therapy device contains 45 x invisible Near-Infrared diodes for deep penetration.

    WellBeam Patch NIR Pain Therapy device

    Ideal for the treatment of pain, inflammation, nerve damage, injury and ailments Scientific studies have shown red light to be absorbed into the body, and converted into a form of energy (ATP) needed to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and reduce...

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  • Custom Controller provides medical pulse rates and 3 timers
Battery clip allows for full mobility
Hook and Loop straps secure the Patch to any body part.
Car Charger provides power while travelling

    Accessory Pack

    Custom Controller;  Battery Clip;  4 Hook & Loop straps;  Car Charger   Custom Controller (4 x pulse rates including 3 x Nogier frequencies: 294 Hz; 1174 Hz; 4698 Hz) (3 x timers: 20 minutes, 25 minutes & 40...

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  • Containing: 4 pulse rates including 3 x Nogier frequencies, 3 x timers (20, 25 and 40 minutes).
Falling asleep while conducting treatments couldn't be easier with auto-turn off features.

    Custom Controller

    Custom Controller: Includes 4 pulse rates, including 3 Dr Nogier frequencies. 50 Hz;    294 Hz;    1174 Hz;    4698 Hz Nogier Frequency A, 294 Hz: For tissue of ectodermal origin, such as body openings, skin and nerve...

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  • White Hook & Loop straps. Loop straps with 5cm hook end
2 x approx. 110cm long
1 x 75cm long
1 x 45cm long

    Hook and Loop straps

    Hook & Loop straps 2 x approx. 110cm long 1 x 75cm long 1 x 40cm long Loop entire length of strap, with 5cm hook end Packaged in a drawstring calico bag

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  • 9 volt Car charger with 1.5metre lead.

    Car Charger

    9volt, 1.5amp Cigarette Lighter Adaptor (Car Charger), with 1.5metre lead. Can be used with mini or custom controllers. Ideal for use while travelling long distance.

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  • LED lighting to provide pulsing features

    Mini Controller

    Mini Controller provides the pulsing features for the WellBeam Patch Contains 8 pulse settings, at 8 speeds. Constant mode, Illumination features, and an on/off feature The Mini Controller can be used with any power source available to the Patch range...

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  • Swap the AC Adaptor with the 9volt battery clip and become completely mobile. (uses a 9volt smoke alarm battery) 
Cheaper batteries last approx. 4 hours, while the highest quality battery lasts up to 9 hours. Rechargeable batteries can also be an option.

    Battery Clip

    9 volt Battery Clip Become completely mobile by simply swapping the AC adaptor with a 9 volt battery attached to this light weight battery clip. Wear under clothing, in the car, or while in the office. Uses a 9volt smoke alarm battery. (3 - 9 hours of...

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