WellBeam Patch Red Combination Therapeutic device

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Ideal for the treatment of a variety of conditions. 

Scientific studies have shown red light to be absorbed into the body, and converted into a form of energy needed to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

While visible red light penetrates through the epidermis, Near-Infrared light penetrates much further into joints, tendons and ligaments. Far-Infrared also penetrates deeply, while also producing heat.

The WellBeam Patch Combination embraces two light spectrums, providing benefits to ailments or injuries within skin and muscle, in addition to joints, tendons and ligaments. It is not as focused as having both a Red Beauty Patch and a Near-Infrared Patch, however can provide ample energy at varying depths without the investment of individual devices.

Device comes with:

  • Rubber Patch with 27 x 850nm Near-Infrared plus 18 x 660nm Red LEDs
  • Mini LED Controller
  • 9 volt AC Adaptor for connection to mains power
  • Instructions
  • Packaged in a drawstring calico bag


Registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) #226408

Accessories available:

Custom controller (3 Nogier frequencies + timers), Hook & Loop straps, car charger.

  • Comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty
Battery Clip
  • Comes with a 4 month warranty

Patch Specifications:

Patch Dimensions:  21cm long x 1.5cm thick x 12cm wide + cords

Power: Aus/NZ 9volt AC Adaptor. 

Treatment: 140cm2 treatment area

Approximate energy measurement per minute: up to 3.4 Joules per cm2, 238 Joules per Patch

High Intensity:  57 milliwatts per cm2 @ 9 volt .....


AC Adaptors available for other countries. USA; UK, Thailand

12 months manufacturers warranty